Five Husbands of the Samaritan Woman, Christ Photi

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Five Husbands of the Samaritan Woman, St.Photina. Jews still hate Samaritans -8. NAMES OF THE FIVE HUSBANDS OF THE SAMARITAN WOMAN -- JOHN4 -- ST.PHOTINA - 2.
John, the Baptist's Baptism:-
You should print this page in order to understand the subject of Trinity and the Gospel.
Once-born natural men seek extrinsic praises in valour as Saul was torturing the Labourers of Christ Jesus to please or to earn the praises of the Temple Priests. Whereas in God, we seek our intrinsic Praises of our Father by Fishing men into the Royal Kingdom of God. Only the Jews needed Fishing and not the Gentiles as they were already in the Royal Kingdom of God as demonstrated by the Samaritan Man who picked up the wounded person. He did not ask who he was and did not ask him to pay the medical bill. This is called Philanthropy, the Light of our Father. Such people did not need Christ as they were already Sealed to serve God. No Eucharist was required by them and it were the Jewish people who needed both the Baptisms; John, the Baptist Baptism in the name of Abraham to make them the sons of Man and of Christ Jesus, Eucharist of Sacrifice or entering into the Bridal Chamber to marry the Son, Christ Jesus in order to be sealed into the Service of our Father. John's Baptism in water was not taken in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit but in the name of Abraham and that is why the Saltless unfaithful to Abraham Jews killed Stephen, the first Bishop for praising Abraham. Temple Priests wanted Jews of the flesh or outwardly and not inwardly of spirit. Now, by replacing the Baptism of John in water with God, Son and Holy Spirit, they could not tell people when Christ Jesus Baptised His Labourers in Holy Spirit in the Presence of our Father; the Parable of the Royal King Marrying His Son Christ Jesus and the man who was not properly dressed was Judas Iscariot for he used to steal money from the Purse. Think of these Dog-Collared Hirelings of Mammon. They have no sympathy with the Church but with their own pockets. Don't pay them for a month and see how they lure you to part with your savings. In Jesus, we need Fellowship and enjoy the Company of Christ Jesus to know Gospel Truth. These Hireling intermediaries are Antichrists of Mammon. So, Christ Thomas in India did not Baptise any one in God, Holy Spirit and in honour of Christ Jesus as the people were already sealed to serve God. Previously, I was wrong and even got it printed over my T-shirts that Christ Thomas Baptised people in God, Holy Spirit and in honour of Son, Christ Jesus. This is called renewing your Innerman, the Christ with spirit of Man that is erring. You learn Gospel by Preaching or opening your own mouth and our Mother, Holy Spirit will rectify your mistakes. I hope I have explained the names of the Five Husbands of the Samaritan Woman at well, John4 and Trinity that was meddled by the Messianic Jews. How could Holy Ghost be equal to Holy Spirit? No common sense or the spirit of Man but the dead letters of the Antichrist Mammon; Hirelings work for Mammon and not for God. Our Father God bless the Seekers of Gospel Truth. Tares are bundled up for Final Burning and Time is short for Atomic War. Let us Preach Gospel before the End of the World and take our Earnings to our Father as the Salmon Fish brings Fruit to her place of origin. That is why you have the symbol Fish to remind you of your Origin and Return.

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