= Mad Science

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NewScientist.Com publishes a lot of propaganda, misleading information downplaying threats to human health. Science is being used by mad scientists.

Because of false science like, and many other publications, truth is distorted, war is peace, ignorance is strength, poison is healthy. In the end the masses end up believing the new age cult propaganda.
"See why modern neuroscience claims free will is an illusion and why psychology experiments suggest we may be better off believing the lie"
Anyone who believes free will is an illusion, is in a state of mind control.

I suggest watching "The God Within documentary - exposing the false philosophy of modern science "
"This mini-documentary by Mike Adams the Health Ranger exposes the false philosophy underpinning most of modern science. It explains why science is rooted in evil and destruction while harming life on our planet: GMOs, vaccines, psychiatric drugs, nuclear weapons -- they've all been pursued and promoted under the brand of "science." And yet, shockingly, modern scientists do not believe human beings are conscious beings. They claim we are all just "biological robots" which provides the philosophical pretext for genocide. See more at www.NaturalNews.TV"

Science is a great tool, when used correctly.

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