Solutions to Economic Collapse

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This video is of poor quality. A better quality version is on youtube.

Here are some solutions to economic collapse that would sustain human civilization. Almost all products sold to the public today contain toxic chemicals, current fuels/ethanols, plastics are highly toxic to the environment and human health. Most products are made out of toxic oil, everything made from toxic oil can be made from non-toxic hemp oil. Hemp products are stronger, last longer and are biodegradable for the planet. Hemp ethanol is less energy intensive compared to the existing alternatives, yet corn ethanol is grown across the world for ethanol.

Cannabis/Hemp will sustain the economies of the world now, while asteroid mining ensures there is more than enough resources to sustain human civilization for hundreds of millions of years. Growing hemp in space will also ensure less resources are used from asteroids so all the resources won’t eventually be all exhausted.

Cannabis/marijuana is the safest, non-addictive medicine which has never claimed a single human life, no legal drug can make that claim. Search “Oldest woman ganja”

The war on drugs wastes much energy and resources conducting warfare against individuals who desire non addictive medicine unlike all the addictive harmful poisons the medical industry sells the public.

I am re-making my Peak Oil, Economic Collapse are a Fraud documentary which will be finished sometime this summer, sorry no specific date. The final release of my film will have narration. The documentary contains more detail than this video. This video is specifically to show the solutions.

I bought a $10 microphone that doesn’t work, and I am going to save up and buy a $20 microphone and buy it somewhere so if it doesn’t work I can get a refund.

Michael Ruppert is in the new propaganda movie Zeitgeist Moving Forward, check out my video “Truth Movement Fraud ; Hemp Fuel Revolution 2011″ I was banned from the zeitgeist movement for posting information that they didn’t like. After uploading that video my ban was removed, topics missing.

I have been banned from several peak oil websites including theoildrum (3 times), I have sent several emails to Michael Ruppert and his staff at Collapsenet with no response.


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