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144000.net - Emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora's -not to be confused with the Catholic saint with the same name- political and mundane interests were the ones responsible for banning reincarnation from Christianity. This is not a theory but historical fact. The banning of reincarnation was a political issue, not a doctrinal one. Google it and see by yourself.

Problem is, that while the Roman Church obeyed the emperor's command -and still does-, all Christians were unaware that by accepting this, they also rejected John the Baptist as the reincarnation of Elijah, the prophet.

Therefore, if it is true that Elijah never came BEFORE the Christ, then Jesus could not be the Messiah. Could this be possible? Could you, as a good Christian believer, accept that Elijah never returned, as said in the prophecies, to clear the way for the Christ, thus accepting with it that since Jesus did not fulfill those prophecies, then it is impossible that He could be the Messiah, as Jews still believe?

And remember, the transfiguration in Mount Tabor, took place AFTER Jesus' birth.

See the complete series of this documentary and find out the truth behind the atrocious fallacy that have prevailed for centuries, tainting the minds and hearts of many believers.

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