Lunar Eclipse Blood Red Moon Prophecy of Disaster

The June 15 2011 Lunar Eclipse. It was seen in Asia and Australia as blood red in color from volcano dust in the atmosphere. Joel 2:31 Bible Prophecy mentions the moon will be the color of blood before a great disaster hits the world. Why so many volcanoes and earthquakes in 2011?The 9.0 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011. Why so many earthquakes recently? So what is going on? Hey why aren't the news organizations interested in this instead of the stupid stuff they talk about endlessly on the TV News? The CERN LHC, could it be causing quakes and volcanoes? Could the CERN LHC be an earthquake machine? See this web page on the possibility of a black hole eating earth on December 21 2012: And this is my web site: Copyright 2011 by T. Chase. From the web site, also see (Revelation 13: Prophecies of the Future, Astrology, Nostradamus, Bible Prophecy, the King James version English Bible Code).

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