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Spirit Enlightenment The New Age Deception


  • Saunatonttu#

    Saunatonttu June 18, 2011 2:34:46 PM CEST

    "God is in fact Satan in disguise" this is true. Christians are satan worshippers.

  • Saunatonttu#

    Saunatonttu June 18, 2011 2:32:50 PM CEST

    Churchianity is by far the biggest deception in mankind's history.

  • Myleso#

    Myleso June 18, 2011 2:54:34 AM CEST

    One last bit to add.If you read the bible there is plenty of evidence to support the notion that God is in fact Satan in disguise. Why else would the LORD command DEATH forgetting about his commandment thou shall not kill? Does not sound like a peaceful loving god.If the new age religion claimed the earth is not flat, does that make the information that earth is not flat new age? Of course not.

  • Almgarza#

    Almgarza June 18, 2011 2:44:42 AM CEST

    yall are funny dude. you have everything on your video wrong. thats not what it says or mean.So me seeking God is wrong? in order to seek God you have to seek spirital guidence from God. right? All your books are wrong and your knowledge of God, the bible, Martial arts and spiritualizim is way over your head. What do you think you are with out your body? right, a "Spirit". You need to stop listening to who ever is telling you these things. The Bible where made from diffrent book to put into one. There are thousands of other books that where written but not put in the bible soo the book was put together by man. sorry for the bad news but it was also taken from Armic books. you should research these things for answers.You people think jesus is good. He even says he's not. You should listen more and find your own path. Martial Arts might have been given the name to give a discription but thats like diffrent beliefs are said to be religons. including Christianity. Diffrent areas of the world created these arts to deffend there selves.Weponds where outlawed taken away so they had to develope something dont you think? Man is to servive and to expand his knowledge of understanding the way this world works. But harming one another is not Gods hands thats man. the idea to rule over people is man wanting to be gods. looking inside your self is were you will find God. God wants you to find him. Not in church, not in a book but inside your self. anyway im no body just have my way of understanding things. lol. my understanding. take care.

  • Myleso#

    Myleso June 18, 2011 2:27:13 AM CEST

    Clearly in the bible the LORD commands entire cities to have everything killed, the LORD also loves blood sacrifice. Trace back what the word god means, Zeus! God=Zeus.Some force created all religions on earth for deception. There WAS a Jesus Christ if it was his real name who knows for certain? the bible was written by priests in rome for political agenda. Chruches claimed for over 1000 years jesus died on the cross for the good of humanity which is A LIE because jesus was MURDERED.The truth is there is a universal spirit which is everything that many call god.The New age deception is real, don't get me wrong, but the creator of the video is mislead just preaching bible scripture (a book written by men)Meditation isn't satanism, neither is martial arts, are these videos trying to get people away from being healthy and exercising with yoga.Satanism involves blood sacrifice, rape, murder, violence that kind of sick disturbing stuff. Yoga/meditation are about peace. Think again before you claim meditation is satanism.This universe is fractal in nature, learn about fractal geometry. Symbols are part of life, the swastika is an ancient symbol depicting a spiral galaxy. Just because the new age religion uses ANCIENT symbols does not mean those symbols=new age.Deceptions need to throw out some truth to reel the subjects in, if you understand me.Peace

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