Media Blackout Nebraska Nuclear Plants Flooding Am

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Media Blackout Nebraska Nuclear Plants Flooding American Midwest!!

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Everyone joining our Ozarks Survival Group needs to wake up and realize the dramatic importance this story has on travel to your bugout cavern location!!!! Those of you in the northeastern USA are affected first by the roadways being washed away by these floods that are going unreported in the mainstream media. America is about to experience the worst disaster in history and we are in the beginning stages of that catastrophe right this moment as we watch these events unveiled before our very eyes.

The Eastern and Western regions of the USA are NOT SAFE. The best safe zone in the USA by far is in the Ozarks in the southwestern corner of Missouri and the upper part of Arkansas where we have thousands of caverns with water embedded within wooded conservation areas. Use the videos and posts below to help others wake up and learn how to prepare for what is coming later this summer. Time is running out, so use this time wisely and get prepared for the coming Extinction-Level Events. Get yourself ready to deploy to the Ozarks, because the road you need to cross the Mississippi River Valley might be washed out at any time. This is serious stuff people!!! So head's up and keep your finger on the pulse of what is going on, because deploying one day too late to this survival party means all the preparations in the world was for nothing.

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