Jerusalem or the Samaritan village is your choice

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Jerusalem or the Samaritan village is your choice to stay. Which is one you prefer? JERUSALEM OR THE SAMARITAN VILLAGE?
I go to Oxford, the cradle of British Christianity and ask the theologians of the Books if they have a choice to stay in Israel then where they would prefer to live; in Jerusalem in the company of the men of Letters or the Samaritan Woman's village where Jesus enjoyed the heart discussion with the Samaritan Woman who had Five Husbands living with her but no more dominating her Life? The obvious answer was Jerusalem where the dead in spirit people dominated and they even could not identify Christ in Jesus against this Samaritan Woman who told Jesus that you are a Prophet and when Messiah comes, He will tell us everything. Whereas the Jerusalem Theologians were declaring Jesus a son of Satan performing all those Miracles through magic except the clean-hearted people like the Nicodemus who acknowledged that unless Christ Jesus is from God, he cannot perform those miracles. Nicodemus treated Christ Jesus a Fair Person and pressed the Sanhedrin to give Him a fair trial.
Now, how much knowledge these University theologians possess? Ask them who died on the Cross? Jesus or Christ? They are not sure and even address Christ Jesus as Jesus Christ not knowing that Christ is the Title and Jesus is the name of his physical body. Or ask them that Christ Jesus is the Light of the world but what is Light and what is Darkness? They have not the slightest clue to this question. So, what type of Christianity heading from these theologians who get dressed in the robes and Dog-Collars and become the hireling Priests in the Churches? They are spiritually dead drunk with the old wine of the Letters desiring not the New as it was in Jerusalem where people were drunk with the Letters of Torah incapable of absorbing the Gospel as demonstrated by Nicodemus in that to be reborn shall he go back into the womb of his mother? Against all these odds, I still go to Oxford, the British Jerusalem and attend Seminars and lectures hoping to talk to a person of spirit. Chances are remote and even put on my Net, my T-shirt with different puzzling questions and deductions but the chances are remote. People interested in Gospel are very Few indeed as stressed by Christ Thomas; one in a thousand and two among ten thousands whereas a Sikh is one among a million -- KOTON MAE AIK. So, Gospel is for those who are capable of intuition and not go by what this Book says or that person says but what you yourself have to say. In Jesus, you have to give your own account to God and not these robed Hirelings working for Mammon. Then, why support such Churches and not enjoy the Fellowship of the open-minded people of spirit? Christ Jesus Yoke is of righteousness and that originates from your own heart and not of the sins that are written in the Books. Letter killeth, spirit giveth life. Also, Christ Jesus became the Lamb of God in order to set us Free of the Yokes of Priests or these Dog-Collared hirelings and has put us into our own Temples of God, the best worship place not built by human hands but by Nature. You are not allowed to bring in the old things such as sin, fasting, prayers, etc into this Brand New Temple where everything anew has been provided. Or do you still want to revert back to the old covenant in which the Moses Priests used to teach the Scriptures, Milk, to the once-born babies? In Fellowship, you chew the very Body of Jesus, the Real Meat, to enjoy the Gospel Truth. Priests of Moses, these Dog-Collared Hirelings, could only tell the signs of weather on seeing the sky whilst in Christ Jesus; we Perceive the Signs of Time and can foretell what people expect of God. For example, Matt.13.v24-30 is getting fulfilled in the establishment of Israel and the Final Burning of the Tares is not far away. Tares, the sons of Satan unfaithful to Abraham, a Noble Man, are known by the fruits they bear and this would be known before the End comes. They would be bundled up as they were before the Roman Siege in 66 A.D. and when that happens, Time of the End of this Age or the ATOMIC WAR has come. God bless those who love the Gospel truth.

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