John's Baptism in the name of Abraham and that Chr

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John's Baptism of water in the name of Abraham and that of Christ Jesus in Holy Spirit was meant for the Jews only. WAS THE BAPTISMS OF JOHN, THE BAPTIST'S AND of CHRIST JESUS, THE EUCHARIST MEANT FOR THE JEWS ONLY?
Jews were spiritually sick and they needed Christ Jesus desperately. This is very clear in the Parable of the Neighbour, the Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person and looked after him expecting nothing in return. That is called Philanthropy or the Light of our Father whilst those Pharisees and Sadducees and what not who passed by this wounded person but did not care for him at all were spiritually dead in letters. This Christ Philip summarised in His Saying, A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die. So, such Samaritans and Gentiles were already Sealed to serve God and this Eucharist of Christ Jesus is to seal people into the service of God. Jews were not sealed to serve God but Mammon. This Christ Jesus illustrated in the story of the rich man who kept the Moses Law but he would not part away with his riches for the sake of God. Samaritans already had parted away with their riches to be in the Royal Kingdom of God. So, these Mammon loving Jews as the Khatris are in India belong to the Two of Mind or the twice-born clever people who are against Three of Ego or the once-born stones or simpletons to whom they fleece to become rich. If there are wise Politicians who are led by holy ghost, then they will keep the House or people at peace by not letting the clever twice-born people to fleece the poor once born simpletons. Under communism, this principle was upheld and people lived in harmony with least difference in the rich and the poor. In the West and the East, the difference was great. However, wherever the people were humanists or Philanthropists like those Gentiles and the Samaritan people, there was no need for the Baptism of Christ Jesus, the Eucharist of Sacrifice in which you have to part away with your riches to enter into the Royal Kingdom of God. That is why, the Jews who formed the First Church of God, Headed by Christ Jesus, One Fold One Shepherd, Christ Jesus with Christ Peter as the Gatekeeper who would not let a liar enter into this Church of God, they sold their possessions and became generous like the Gentile in order to be Sealed into the Royal Kingdom of God through Eucharist.
In short, both the Baptisms; John's Baptism in water in the name of Abraham and that of Christ Jesus in Holy Spirit, the Eucharist were meant for the Jews only. But when the Messianic Jews became greedy and fulfilled Matt.12.v43-45, the Parable of the arid Temple Priests' spirit of greed and hypocrisy entered into the minds of hypocrite Bishops, then they not only bring in the Jewish leaven, the Torah but also diverted the money from philanthropy to building beautiful Churches to ply their shops as you can see the kingdom of Pope, the Vatican. People's attention was diverted from the most beautiful Temple of God built by Nature to the brick and mortar built temples or Churches by human hands. Our Anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus gave his own life as the Lamb of God to shift us from the Temples made by human hands, the Churches, into our Brand New Temple of God for the solitary who meet with each other to discuss His Word in the Company of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. Where two or three are gathered together in His Name, then our anointed Brother Christ Jesus is Among us. So, these Churches that employ Hirelings of Mammon with Dog-Collars to serve you of the Old Priests in Moses talking about sins, Adam and Eve story, etc are of the antichrists. Today, I asked a simple question at a Seminar in Oxford that who is the Creator of the creation or Nature that you can see with your two naked eyes? They had no idea and hushed my question down that it is a theological issue. I told them that Creation is of the Yahweh, the demi-urge God of Nature and what is inside us in whom there is no colour or sex, that invisible thing or soul belongs to God. They laughed at my answer. But I laughed at them that they have no idea of the simple facts that the Gospel of Thomas has clearly defined. But these university theologians are blind-folded to know only the four gospels and none outside. No wonder, they have divided the Religion of God into different categories as if God is not the same in different religions -- loosely used terminology. Jesus spent childhood or infancy in Egypt, among the people of the Elder son, Ishmael and the people of the Prodiginal son, Isaac, had become the saltless sons of Satan. No wonder, the Jews hated Jesus the most and the Gentile loved Jesus, the Most.

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