Newsy Reports Lulzsec Hackers Are Govt. False Flag

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The Central Intelligence Agency is supposed to be one of the leading initiatives in protecting the U.S. -- but can it protect itself.

"Another round of hacking -- Lulz Security tweeting that it took down the CIA's public Web site last night after hacking into the Senate's Web site earlier this month -- LulzSec saying it doesn't like the U.S. government very much." (Bloomberg)

Regardless of whether LulzSec -- "laughing at your security" -- likes the government or not, they say they hack sites just for fun. But not everyone is laughing. Paul Ducklin from Sophos Security is not charmed, telling ABC Australia...

"...given its stated motive of fun, there is no way of guessing what LulzSec will target next... hackers with these skills should use them for good, not for evil. ...poor information security is a massive elephant in the room and the hackers are pointing it out."

Although the hacking caused a stir, CNBC notes it is relieving to know that it was not much more than an annoyance -- or an instance of 'they did it because they could.'

"The site was down for a few minutes but the agency says that the public site is not classified -- no secret information was involved." (CNBC)

And despite LulzSec posting on their twitter account...

Tango down - - for the lulz

-- all the government actually has to go on is the word of the hackers. Financial Times explains why proof is lacking...

"Although the sites were intermittently unavailable, it is difficult to prove whether that was due to technical errors or denial of service attacks, whereby banks of rogue computers overwhelm a site with traffic.

There's much debate about LulzSec -- Some people are even suggesting there could be a conspiracy at play.

"Some here at The INQUIRER strongly suspect that Lulzsec is actually a US government sponsored false flag nuisance hacking operation that's meant to stampede lawmakers into granting ever more draconian surveillance and control powers over the internet to the emerging US police state." (The Inquirer)

Regardless, their growing fame is undeniable. They have recently released a phone number, saying...

"Call into 614-LULZSEC and pick a target and we'll obliterate it. Nobody wants to mess with The Lulz Cannon." (Yahoo News)

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