Singer Joss Stone Targeted In Murder Plot

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Jun 20, 2011
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This has to be the creepiest news I've heard in a long time. Singer
Joss Stone was nearly murdered! Two men have been arrested over a plot
to kidnap and murder her.

The two suspects, aged 33 and 30 traveled over 200 miles to her home
in England from Manchester and were found carrying swords, rope and a
body bag when police caught them.

And it gets worse! They found detailed maps and aerial photos of her
home too. Did they think they could just murder a famous singer and
get away clean?

Police were initially called to the scene of the alleged plot when
neighbors saw two men "acting suspiciously" outside her house.
Someone's getting more than just a fruit basket this year.

Why would anyone want to kill Joss Stone? She's the most neutral,
non-controversial singer around. The girl just sings songs and
collects her checks. What's the world coming to?! Get friendly with
your neighbors folks, you never know when you'll need them!

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