Football Player On Plane Arrested For Saggy Pants

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Sacked for sagging. A University of New Mexico football player recently learned -- on U.S. Airways -- sagging pants won’t fly.

SGT. MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ: “There was a passenger on the aircraft that had boarded the aircraft with his pants down around his knees. Showing his briefs, his underwear. One of the flight attendants on-board that aircraft was offended by the fact she could see the outline of his private area.”

Authorities say Deshon Marmon wasn’t “threatening anybody directly” -- but that he was being disruptive by not cooperating with the flight attendant.

The flight attendant asked Marmon to pull up his pants. He refused -- after which police arrived to escort him off the place -- where he was later cited for trespassing. KGO talked to Marmon’s mother.

“He was attacked for three reasons: his clothing, his skin, and his hair.”

US Airways says it doesn’t have an official dress code -- but it forbids “inappropriate attire” and asks that passengers obey requests from staff. But a writer for DeadSpin is surprised at the arrest-- particularly because this happened in San Francisco.

“I grew up in a town that didn’t have a public nudity law until 2007, so I’m having trouble understanding the offense here — especially in a city that basically runs on mellow anarchy.”

Marmon had been in California attending the funeral of a close friend. His mother says -- he was still grieving when the incident on board the plane happened. A writer for Foot Basket says -- the airline overreacted.

“It’s been a tough few weeks. This has just made matters worse.”

But the SFist sides with the flight attendant -- saying...

“Really, we already have a hard enough time blocking out the thoughts of dirty airline seats without having to watch our fellow passengers rub their CK underoos all over them. It’s just common courtesy, really.”

Marmon spent the night in jail and is awaiting arraignment. He told KGO News -- if he could have a do-over -- he’d just have pulled his pants up.

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