TEL EVIL SION 24/31 The ObaMAOist Revolution

Find out about those Flash Mobs in Chicago..only the beginning

If you're taking a lot of Flak, it means you're over the target

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This series came into being through a lot of threats, sacrifice, multiple takedowns, an army of trolls, a knock at the door to finally acceptance of it as a dire warning to Humanity by anyone who watches it entirely.

If people knew the kind of hell I went through to make these videos, you'd at least rate them:) I'd be honored if they could have a sanctuary here.

Give them a chance, it's a very difficult subject to explain...I know some of the information is far out there, but if you follow through it will all make sense.

It began as a challenge to prove that certain video glitches were more than they appeared to ended in a sickening conspiracy involving intense brainwashing/Satanic/hypersexual programming in children's shows to nests of Black Magicians weaving their spells on an unsuspecting public, through the most infernal devices ever engineered and used on the public, the Television set.

It explains why we've fallen so far, so fast.

In this series, you will see mind blowing examples of these subliminal horrors on full display, as well as certain pop culture elements that just fit in.

They were made with no real outline, very spontaneous and from the hip, letting the information lead me to where it needs to go, and where it led made me, and everyone that helped me with this, ill from the realization of what we stumbled upon.

In many ways, I felt guided in making them..'impressions' on where to look...sometimes I'd click on a random link, move the time slider anywhere and I'd happen right upon something sick. These things happened quite often.

All in all, there is a lot of information here..Use of it as you will.

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