BGBV, - Sleep Aid Product (Potential US$20M Brand)

  • Uploaded by Karmastock on Jun 23, 2011
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Blue Gold Beverages (BGBV) reported that its wholly owned subsidiary EPIC Nutrition, Inc. has launched Goodnight 2.5 fl oz sleep shots. The product contains a proprietary blend of active ingredients and is one of the early entrants in the liquid delivery system of sleep aids. BGBV has just entered into an exclusive broker agreement with Contemporary Marketing Inc (CMI) to offer Goodnight and its new Pro-N-Go protein energy shot to Walgreens, CVS, Target and Stop & Shop; BGBV reported its potential earnings for its “Goodnight” sleep remedy could quickly become a 20 million dollar brand with the addition of CMI’s potential accounts and distributions. BGBV is positioning itself to become a leading marketer in various specialty beverage categories including sleep and relaxation supplements, energy drinks and bars, cold remedy.

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