6/22/2011 -- X37 (OTV 2 / USA 226) spacecraft in n

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Thanks to youtube & dutchsince,

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there may or may not be a connection between earthquakes and this particular spacecraft.. if there is.. most likely this is unintentional...

I think the x37 might be "powered" or "propelled" using frequency manipulation.. they don't admit this, but (in my opinion) why wouldn't they use HAARP in conjunction with this craft.. or at least some form of ground based frequency manipulation, the chinese have admitted their "meridian (chinese haarp) can move objects in space... if theirs can.. so can ours!

track the X37-B spacecraft here:


a little bit about the craft itself:


the launch of the craft:


and the wiki on it:


link to earthquake 3d basic (free download at CNET):


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