The Amazing Heresies of Benedict XVI part 1 of 7

  • Uploaded by Dali777 on Jun 24, 2011
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The Amazing Heresies of Benedict XVI

these gay boy loving satan, isis and horus worshipping bigots wrote the bible

monkipuzzle should swallow the popes rod and get buttbanged by his heroes ... the jesuit flamers, otherwise he is officially proclaimed by belzebub a heretic and should be burned at the stake at pay per view for a nominal fee of $29,95 ... how many of you would pay this paltry fee to see monkiguzzle publicly burned at the stake?

boy religion is an opium to the brainwashed masses :)

can you believe retards like monkiguzzle is following this christian cult with the entire miniscule pea brain of his ...

here is the rest of this malarkey garbage:

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