Six (6) Questions for All Christians

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Six (6) Questions for All Christians

1- Do you know the history of the Bible? How it was compiled? And the History of what we today call Christianity?
-If Yes, in 2-min, tell us what you know about the History of the bible and Christianity.
if no, how do you THINK that the writings of the bible came into being, and how were they compiled?

2.- In Genesis 6:6, it is said that god was grieved that he created man.
Does it ever hit you that doesn't make sense?
-How can god be sorry he created man (something happened), when he is said to be All Knowing and All powerful. He would know exactly what would result from his creation. So, how can be sorry?
A person is sorry/grieved/repented when something turned out to different/contrary to what they expected.

3- According to the Old Testament, the messiah would be the descendant of David, but

Did u ever notice that u can't connect Jesus to David? Therefore, he can't be the messiah.
This is what is said about the messiah.
In the New testament, the writers keep referring to jesus as the son of David. However, there is no real evidence that Jesus is a descendant of David. The only passages that tried to do that are Matthew 1 and Luke 3
First, these 2 genealogies are very different. It's as though they are not talking about the same person.
Second, they try to connect Jesus to David through Joseph, which is insane since Joseph was said not to be jesus' biological father.

4- Are you in sync with Mark 16: 17-18?

5.- Why are you Christian, and not Muslim? Do yo think you'd be a muslim instead of a christian if you were born in Pakistan?
The fact that more than 90% (probably more than 95%)a of people keep the religion that they were raised with/religion of their parents/religion of their society and or culture.

6- can things be added or remove from the Bible? Considering how the Bible was compiled, Revelations 22:18 becomes irrelevant to this question.
revel 22: 18For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

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