Are these University Theologian Professors any bet

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The title may seem odd to many but just ponder over their basic knowledge of religion, then you would not be surprised? I have attended two of the three seminars by a Professor Jan Assmann, Humanitas Visiting Professor in Interfaith Studies 2011 on 20 and 23 June, at Talbot Hall, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. Jan Assmann, Humanitas Visiting Professor in Interfaith Studies gave lecture on Religious Violence and its Roots’. Additional speakers: Professor Jan Bremmer (History of Religions, Groningen) Professor Gudrun Krämer (Islam, Free University Berlin) Professor David Gellner (Anthropology, Oxford). First one was on 20 June and he happened to state that Sun God is of the Creation and during the question time, I asked him that creation we can see with our two naked eyes and they are male, female, black, brown, Jew, Gentile, etc. So, if this is the Creation of Sun God and in the Light of Nicodemus, John3, what is born of Flesh is flesh and what is born of the Spirit is spirit and God is Spirit that you cannot see with two naked eyes but perceive with third eye of reasoning, then who is the Father of Christ Jesus? No answer than beating about the bush. Then on 23 June, again I was given the chance to ask the question first. I told them that in the 1947 Partition of India, my late father who was a B.Sc and had done analytical analysis of Religion, how he turned a crowd of 2000 fanatics from foe to our best friends in Allah. I told them our real story how our menial worker called Marassi, incited the neighbouring village people that we are going to attack them and they trusted his story and one night surrounded our village with two thousand people of Arian tribe ready to attack us but the Head of the attackers Zaildar sent this menial Marassi to our village to bring out the Lumberdar to explain the situation. My father went alongwith him and when my father explained to this Zaildar that Sikh and Muslim are the spiritual selves that are never born or die and we Jatts and you Arian are going to fight and die. If there is any enmity between our tribes, it is a good chance to settle now. Zaildar said, there is no enmity between our tribes and we are good friends. On understanding the whole mischief of the British and the three Lalas, Lala M.K. Gandhi, Lala Tara Singh Malhotra Khatri and Lala Mohd. Ali Jinnah, a Babla Bhatia, he suggested to my father, let us go to Lahore to stop this Partition but my father said, it is too late. Zaildar told all his tribal people of the area that we are their guests and no harm should come to us. So, they did look after us. This is the Fruit of simple Gospel Truth and applying it to the Middle East, I told them that Jew, Hindu, Sikh, etc being the spiritual selves, not a single one is born or dies but the tribal selves. During the Holocausts not a single Jew died but the tribal people of Judah, Levi, Benjamin, etc tribes. I told them further that I have just picked up the Church service leaflet, LMH Chapel SUNG EUCHARIST of 19 June, 11 that states Christ has died, Christ is risen and Christ will come again. Now, Christ = His Word that became flesh in the name of Jesus. Christ was in the beginning and he is forever is well stated in John’s Gospel. It was Jesus who was born and died and not Christ. So, if this is the standard of your Christianity how could you think of Peace when the Tares are bundled up in Israel for the Final burning? They could not reply but just took my views as observations. The same type of dead in letters speeches were made by the other speakers. In fact, these University theologians of the Books are like the supper donkeys carrying Holy Books as in India, the Brahmins used to have cart load of Books to impress upon the people. An interesting incident happened that Royal King Har Krishan Ji was hardly eight years old when He became the Head. A Brahmin jokingly told the Sikhs that how this little child could be equal to Shri Krishan Baldev Ji, the Prophet of Doapar Yug and an incarnation of Shiv? Sikhs told this story to Sachae Patshah or R.K. Har Krishan Ji. So, R.K. Har Krishan Ji to subdue his ego, told him to find a Sikh in the village and he will render exposition of your Vedas. He brought a deaf and dumb Sikh and R.K. Har Krishan Ji placed his Sceptre over his head and asked him to render the exposition of the Vedas, which he did to the astonishment of the Brahmin that he came to his senses and became one of the Sikhs too. I will explain in details in my Videos.

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