Aeons1296000 T6

Mars/Earth Connection.
A Kennith E. Jackson Film.
A Dramarama Production.
August 2008.
The ancient world venerated a configuration of arcs in every conceivable way. This key was the foundation of all ancient societies and is now incorporated into the secret societies. The key is also hidden in the symmetry of the mars face which is why the face is ignored. The replication of this key produce imagery that was carved into stones in the ancient world and represented metaphorically in every aspect of their buildings and societies. It is not an art creation but rather simple replication of the seed shape that the key creates these images. It was venerated because it was known to be the design of all life on earth and the brains recognition software that allows life the ability to reconize our environment. This key is also represented in Cydonia, Mars in the complexes geometry and the faces symmetry. Of course, the question is why is it being represented on mars? That is the question.
When the seed configuration is converted into a 3-D model, the refraction of light placed on it from different angles produces faces and skulls inside its spheres. The crystl skulls may be a symbolism of this fact. This fact shows the design to be fractal, thus self reflective which also proves that the face and the geometry of the complex dubbed the city which lyes in cydonia, mars is also artificial in nature. Math does not lye.

The key is the meaning behind the crop circles. When you look at the strange designs of these pictographs seemigly to have formed like magic, the image is actually communicating with your subconscious through this aeons mesh.

To learn more about the aeons key, watch the rest of Dramarama videos AEONS: The Earth Mars Connection on Discloe.Tv.

If you are interested in obtaining the image of the key key, send an email to and ask for aeons photo. For more about Aeon visit my window spaces at:

If you have an interest in fractal geometry read Dick Oliver book FractalVision: Put Fractals to Work for You published by SAMS Publishing.

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