How to Learn Gospel? Gospel is made as simple as A

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How to Learn Gospel? Gospel is made as simple as ABC when you think logically. HOW TO LEARN GOSPEL TRUTH?
It is very simple as ABC but you must think logically. Thinking logically reveals you Gospel Truth that you receive on individual basis as most of the people learn this subject by reading Books that contain Letters and not the skill of logical reasoning. Men of Letters, drunk with the old wine, are spiritually dead and they cannot even tell you how to build the House of God on Rock as Peter did demonstrate and killed Annias and Saphira for telling lies. In short, in the Church of God headed by Christ Jesus liars are not allowed as they are the rotten eggs spoiling the rest. Such members of the Congregation then enjoy the Taste of the kingdom of heaven and live in Peace. They flourish in their businesses as people can trust them for their fairness.
I have learnt this subject by analysing the Gospel logically and here are some web sites worth studying:-
First know what you see with your two naked eyes of Adam:-
Then what is not seen of God would be known to you:-
Here is the Baptism of John, the Baptist that was served to the sensible Jewish men of around 30 years old who knew the Temple Priests do not speak the truth but they are hypocrites:-
Now, you can know Christ Jesus and why call Easter:-
Now, study Trinity and the whole Gospel will become as easy as ABC:-
Print the above and try to understand logically yourself and not what I say.
God, our Father Bless you to glorify Him in honour of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus.

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