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Mysterious Exploding Ball June 2011 Explained

  • Glphil
  • uploaded: Jul 2, 2011
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"Mysterious exploding ball of light in space" isn't! It's all over the inter net, and it's not a mystery! The ball of light was video captured in June 2011. It was the result of a Minuteman III missile, firing its third stage. This video from 2002, is not from the one in the "Mysterious exploding ball" video, but I think it illustrates the cause of the exploding flash.
I found this video on YouTube here:

This link has lots of info and links to more sites with more info.
http://www.lamentiraestaahifuera.com/201 1/06/30/extrao-halo-visto-en-hawi
This site is in Spanish, but you can go to google translate and paste the site's address in and it will translate for you. Google translate can be found here:

This info is from Lamentiraestaah 's post on this page.
Muchas Gracias Lamentiraestaah !!

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  • Glphil#

    Glphil December 10, 2011 1:58:36 AM CET

    er, MYSTERIOUS Exploding (correction for below)

  • Glphil#

    Glphil July 4, 2011 3:17:06 AM CEST

    This is actually a different event from 2002. The links I posted had evidence and explanations that I believe exlain the original video, "Mysrerious exploding ball of light in space." I chose to post the most spectacular of the videos! Thanks for watching and commenting!

  • Hayden#

    Hayden July 2, 2011 11:57:46 AM CEST

    Thanks for the post, but the other footage lacks the contrail and other,strangly beautiful fireworks in the film you present here. Do you think someone cut out the part where the sphere formed?

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