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This may be our last best chance as each of us renews our focus to find that one slippery thing that has inspired authors, scientists, mathematicians, artists, the hunter-gatherer, the farmer, the worker who knows there must something more to this life than the promise of a harvest or a paycheck. something just out of our reach, close enough to taste, a veil impenetrable by our senses but at the same time seemingly destructible merely by a memory, merely by calling its downfall into existence. you can scour the ends of the earth for an answer but deep down inside those of us who are awake understand that we have only ourselves to rely on in this life and thus must delve inward to find what it is that we call 'ourselves' - a collage of our genes and our life experiences which ironically are products of 'everybody else'. so just what are we waiting for? is it antiquity's promise of heaven, of 52 virgins, of the Promised Land? are we looking for security from the various threats around the globe? and if we were, is there really anyone who can protect us forever other than ourselves? no matter where you may imagine yourself to reside in life's pyramid, it must be painfully obvious from the black helicopters in the sky that we are approaching a time of historic unrest and geopolitical turbulence, a time when our physical resources will be strained and our psychical health will face perhaps its greatest challenge in the last 2000 years. whatever we choose to do, we know too much now for us to fear the unknown, to fret and fuss over what may lay ahead. we've come to understand that perception is but an illusion, that we are alive at the best possible time to reveal that illusion, where human beings possess the necessary spiritual ambition combined with the technical mastery to achieve what our ancestors could only dream of.

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