Greek Service: Two of mind against three of Ego ar

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Greek Service: Two of mind against three of Ego are subdued on listening to Gospel.
Today, I went to a Greek Orthodox Service and over there the Priest was reading the Gospel and two men with single candle in their hands were standing quietly. When the service was finished, I asked the Priest why not two and three candles against each other. They told me that when a Bishop conducts the service then and only then you have those three and two candles against each other. But the Bishop sits in the Seat of John, the Baptist and not in the name of Christ Jesus. Apostles represent Christ Jesus and Gospel is to be read by the Apostles or the Roving Royal Priests and not by the waterless Canals, the immoral Bishops.
So, the Armenian, Greek, Russians, etc possess a beter knowledge of Gospel but they too are spiritually dead in letters.

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