Terence McKenna - Birth of Consciousness

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Terence McKenna - Birth of Consciousness

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Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16, 1946 -- April 3, 2000) was an American researcher, philosopher, speaker, spiritual teacher and writer on many subjects. His works are wide-scoped, ranging from consciousness, the human experience, psychedelic substances and their role in societies, evolution of civilizations, origin of the universe to aliens.

There's science and then there's reason and science has at times used reason although at times its conclusions have been fairly unreasonable. Reason is a universal method for dealing with information, whereas science is an extremely culturally conventionalized method. I think there's a role for reason and the razors of logic but this is a branch of formal philosophy, not a branch of science; science appropriates everything to itself and then we tend to genuflect before it but what we really need is a relativistic approach to the true scope of science which is considerably less than it has claimed for itself. In the 20th century, it's claimed to be the arbiter of truth in all domains when in fact it's simply the study of those phenomena so crude that the restoration of their initial condition causes the same thing to repeat itself, and that's a very small part of the sum total of the phenomenal universe."
Terence Mckenna

"People are so alienated from their own soul that when they meet their soul they think it comes from another star system."
Terence McKenna

"I loathe science and am always keane to attack it in most situations (...) but I love reason and I'm perfectly aware of the difference."
Terence Mckenna



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