US Government Atomic Warfare Information

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Atmospheric Nuclear Testing and The US Navy
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The U.S. Department of Energy maintains a Human Radiation Experiments homepage containing thousands of reports and declassified documents, including information on specific atmospheric nuclear tests in which Navy and Marine Corps, as well as civilian employees participated.

National Association of Atomic Veterans, Portland Oregon Atomic Veterans. [See "Atomic Veteran, Atomic Test Series and Dates" for photographs and eyewitness accounts, including Navy veterans, of participation in nuclear tests, including Operation Crossroads. Also see "What's New" for a miscellany of information including maps of radioactive cloud tracks for Operation Plumbbob detonations.]

Nevada Test Site homepage. Historical information includes photographs of nuclear weapons detonations and a Special Souvenir Edition of NTS News and Views. Included is a link to the Department of Energy's Coordination and Information Center, whose collection includes 270,000 documents dealing with the U.S. nuclear testing program.

Operation Crossroads: Fact Sheet

Between 1945 and 1962, during the atmospheric test series, the U.S. Government conducted 235 nuclear weapons tests, principally in Nevada and the Pacific. Approximately 106,942 Navy and 11,500 Marine Corps personnel participated in the tests.

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