Secret Bases Not For You Or Me FreeMasons

Message to the Ruling Elite: If you think you can build underground bases here on Earth to survive. You are wrong. "THEY" are lying to you just as "YOU" are lying to us. What goes around comes around. It's called KARMA. So work it out bitches. The ones that they want are already on MARS and the MOON. They left you hear to rot in your secret underground bases. They also used you guys to build the HAARP machines in their favor of doing whatever the hell it is they're doing... reactivating ancient temples/stargates and reaking havoc here on our planet. You guys are being lied to and you are adding on to the destruction of our home. Stop now or suffer the consequences later. IF WE GET WIPED OUT, BEST BELIEVE THAT YOUR ASSES WILL TOO (even if all of you elitists seek refuge underground, you will ROT).

Got This Vid Directly from revillusi0nz

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