Circumcision of Heart is essential in Christianity

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Circumcision of Heart is essential in Christianity of the heart, the living Tablet over which Gospel is written whilst Scriptures, the dead Letters are written in ink on paper for the once-born people. IN CHRIST JESUS, CIRCUMCISION OF HEART COUNTS AND NOT THAT OF THE FLESH.
In this Dark Age, clever people cheat the simpletons in order to become rich. In some countries, richness has no limit and the disparity between the rich and the poor is greatly increased that leads to riots and killing as in the West happened during the Holocausts when millions of the so-called Jews of Judah, Levi, Benjamin, etc tribes died. This is called when a Blind Guide leads the blind, they fall into a Pit of death. So, Christ Jesus came to enlighten us but His own, the people of Judah tribe, loved Darkness to Light. Thus, the people of Judah tribe to which King David belonged used to be very honest and knowledgeable people whilst in this Dark Age, they become the opposite; greatest crooks and misusers of the knowledge for satanic activities. That is why the Spiritual Doctor Christ Jesus came among them to cure their greedy hearts of hypocrisy but they hated Light of honesty and loved Darkness of the cheats. This, you can easily understand on comparing the characters of the Jews who were normally rich to that of the Gentile who were normally poor but hospitable as demonstrated by the Samaritan Man who picked up the wounded person and cared for him philanthropically. In fact, the Jews hate the Samaritans for their love of God so much that if a Jew is to cross the country of the Samaritans, he would rather make a long journey to bypass it rather than go through it in case he gets the divinely colour of the Samritans and become useless to his greedy parents. He may become a philanthropist instead of trading to accumulate more wealth and become a proud rich man. That is why these Jews boast of their sons a Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, etc dominating over others but not a plumber or a sanitary worker serving others. This Christ Jesus summarised in His Saying, "In a House, our physical body, there are Five, called KAAM, immorality, KARODHH, anger, LOBHH, greed, MOH, worldy political attractions and lastly HANKAAR, ego of the Book knowledge; Three of Ego or the once-born, KAAM, KARODHH and HANKAAR against Two of mind, MUNN or NAFS of the clever Twice-born called LOBHH and MOH and Two against Three." That is these two people fight among each other as it happened during the German and the past Holocausts. Greedy people, mostly Jewish had robbed the simpleton local people so much so that it created utter dearness leading to such a hatred as you saw in the Holocausts. Now, in the Communist countries where such extreme was missing, people lived happily because those Five were under control. Christ Jesus' message appeals to the hearts of greedy people to become contented and merciful as the Gentile and the Samaritans were already in the Royal Kingdom of God enjoying a life of Peace and Love or rather Agape. In order to attain this Goal, you need the circumcision of heart rather than of the ritual circumcision of flesh under Moses that boasted your Ego so much that you started to hate the poor Samaritans, who were circumcised of the hearts and not of the flesh. Thus, Torah written in ink on paper and circumcision of flesh was useful when the Rabbis were efficient and kept the greedy disciples under control but no more when they themselves became greedy and hypocrites. In order to fight this greed and hypocrisy that Christ Jesus came to deliver us the Medicine, His Word that makes you contented and merciful like those Samaritans whose laws were written over their hearts, the Seat of His Word that cannot be written in ink on paper but over the living Tablets of hearts delivered by the Apostles, the Brides of Christ Jesus who were married at Eucharist. Both the Baptisms, of water in the name of John, the Baptist and of Holy Spirit in the name of Christ Jesus were needed by the Jews and not by the Gentiles. So, Saul who became Paul did not need these Baptisms in that He knew his Roman father in flesh and He was sealed to serve God but he was misled by the Temple Priests. That is, what he was doing was against the wishes of his heart. It was him who told the people stoning St.Stephen to death, "Look, he is praying for you and you are stoning him to death". That is, he had conscience or the salt of his Roman father whereas the Jews had become unfaithful to Abraham and saltless people with no conscience. That is why St.Stephen passed on his Mantle, the Tunic to Saul and that earned Him Holy Spirit at Damascus Gate Lightning incidence.

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