Possible Chupacabra Sighted Texas July 11th 2011

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Don't resign yourself to chupacabra nightmares just yet. Even Jack Crabtree, the supplier of photos to The Facts, his local Texas paper, doesn't think that he witnessed a real chupacabra, or "The Bigfoot of Latin Culture," as dubbed by CNN during a previous chupacabra sighting.

According to a report by ABC News, the retired wildlife biologist and his wife Linda saw the slow-moving, hairless creature wandering by a creek at the back of their house on the Fourth of July. They took photos, and Crabtree sent them to the newspaper, jokingly calling it a Chupacabra.

However, the paper either didn't get the joke, or didn't care, and they ran it on the front page, stirring excitement similar to the other Texas Chupacabra sighting a few months ago. When that creature was spotted, Animal Control Officer Frank Hackett described the animal: "All I know is, it wasn't normal. It was ugly, real ugly. I'm not going to tell no lie on that one."

Crabtree told ABC News that he can't believe people's reactions:

"I've been amazed with the fascination people have with chupacabras and other mythical animals," he said. "I'm really not a believer in chupacabras or Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman."

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