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  • Uploaded by Ahbotha on Jul 14, 2011
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These are UFO and not sea related stuff like wakes, waves or foam. You will notice like all the other Video's, these UFO are gathered in deep area's of Lakes, and on the coast of Chili where there is very little human habitation.
These UFO were not on the previous Google Program being in the year 2009 upwards 2011.
I have a feeling that this is either a gathering for Invasion or Evacuation, depending how we look at the stories about 2012, and other stuff related to it !
I have used color enhancing check it out, and found that by using the edge detecting, it gives a clearer view of the objects. Most are gathered in clumps or close to each other, and are on the sea bed between low laying area's and rocky outcrops.
Kind regards

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