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BORN OF WATER AND OF SPIRIT TO ENTER THE ROYAL KINGDOM OF GOD - 2. John 3:5 Jesus answered, "Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the Royal Kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. A person is ..... Thus, in the procreati...

John 3:5
Jesus answered, "Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the Royal Kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.
A person is ..... Thus, in the procreation, the seed from the water, semen, comes from man whilst the soul bearing Blood , the Egg comes from the woman to produce a child. That is, woman represents God and man represents Adam. This is stressed by Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji in the verses, PAANI, water, PITTA, father, MATTA, mother that feeds the procreation, DHHARTT MHAHATT, soil is the great of all the Mothers. This is also well recognised by the aboriginal Australians, Indians, etc. Now, the life-giving Blood that comes from the woman's egg, represents the life-giving soul that comes from God. So, a woman is the counterpart of God in the reproduction of life on this planet. That is, woman is closer to God in mercy and that is why you find more women in the places of worship than the men. Because women are closer to God than the men, woman is also called the Power or SHAKTI of Man. Thus, our Mother Holy Spirit is the SHAKTI of our Father God. This is in line with Judaism, in which woman represents Judaism rather than man although it carries no tribal seed that comes from man. For this reason also, a female sacrifice is not acceptable but only of the men. In Adam, man carries the seed and not the woman. Whilst in God, our tribal identity does not matter but the merciful qualities of looking after the babies of our mothers count. So, on earth, man is the head of the family or represents the seed of the family or surname whilst the woman is like a field into which seed is sown and it makes the plant grow to produce more seeds. Thus, in a family, it is the son that represents the father and not the girl. For this reason, the Rabbis who have to be the responsible persons because they teach the moral laws or Scriptures to the once-born children like a mother feeding Milk to the children, are of specific tribe or tribes and not everyone could become a Rabbi or a Brahmin Guru. Rabbis feeding the milk to the babies relationship is called Disciples. Levi tribal people in the Middle east and quite a few tribes in the East are assigned the job of the Rabbi or Brahmin. So, far a person remains faithful to his tribal father or Adam, he remain a son of Man or the Wheat Plant but if he becomes unfaithful to his tribal father in whose house he is living, then not only his own tribal father will throw him out as the Jews are thrown out when they severe their covenant with Abraham by becoming a Jew of flesh instead of being a Semite, even God has little mercy as they have disobeyed His Will. In short, when a Jew becomes a Jew outwardly and not inwardly, they are unfaithful to Abraham and they are Antisemitic themselves too. Today, they call other people Antisemitic. So, you need to be faithful to your tribal father in order to be a Wheat Plant and Salt of the Earth. Such a sensible person, then could know our Father in Spirit by the grace of our Father and become a son of God, eternal like our Father. To be twice-born is called to be born of Spirit capable of Seeking His Treasures, the Gospel through intuition.
Thus, when Christ Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, then most of the Jews of Judah tribe were Jews of physical self or of rituals and unfaithful to Abraham, a great Noble Man. Such people are called Saltless sons of Satan or Tares and Christ Jesus could not be born of such a family of Tares. That is why Christ Jesus took a Virgin Birth and became the Second anointed Adam of whose Sandles the Prophet of the First Adam, Prophet Elijah could not touch. Such was the Greatness of Christ Jesus that the Saltless Tares of Jerusalem killed him mercilessly that even His very Loyal Brother and Labourer Peter had to deny. Thus, for Salvation, you need to be both a son of Man or of Abraham in case of the Jews and a son of God. That is, you must be born of water and of Spirit. That is why both the Baptisms of water by John, the Baptist in the name of Abraham and that of Christ Jesus in Holy Spirit at Eucharist called the Entering into the Bridal Chamber to Mary Christ Jesus, the Son whose Marriage was celebrated and in which one man who was not properly dressed, Judas Iscariot, was thrown out into the Darkness when Jesus told him to leave the room after Last Supper into the Darkness of Mammon that is not trustworthy. Much more in my Lectures or watch my Youtube Videos.

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