Punjabi:- How to Eat The Delicious Meat of Jesus a

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Punjabi:- How to Eat Delicious Meat of Jesus and Drink the Refreshing Blood of Christ. In the begining was the Word and it came in this Dark Age with the human Body to be delivered to us. That human Body is Jesus in the Middle East and Nanak in the East. So, with this physical Body, they Preached Gospel to those who were Twice-Born and Pre-destined. Now, when you understand Gospel, then you have acquired the Body of Jesus or Nanak, the Mouthpieces and when you Preach Gospel with Authority as Christ in Jesus and Satguru in Nanak then you Drink the Blood of Christ or Satguru. If you do not Preach Gospel then you are a person without the Blood of Christ or Satguru. But when you Preach Gospel, then you are enjoying the Refreshing Drink of the Blood of Christ = Satguru and you become a Spokesman of God seeking the praises of our Father and not of the people. This Jesus Said that I am the True Vine planted by my Gardner Father God and those who eat my Flesh reproduce the Gospel whilst when you Preach openly then you Drink the Refreshing Drink of Blood of Christ = Satguru. Those who are frightened of the world and are doubting, they are like the Lamps put under the Bushel instead of putting it on the Lampstand when you Preach Gospel against all the opposition of the Dog-Collared Hireling hypocrites.

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