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2011 Documentary Preview Economic Collapse

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Jul 20, 2011
  • Hits: 182

This is a 14 minute preview for my remake of my Peak Oil, Economic Collapse are a Fraud documentary. Finishing this small preview of the documentary took a lot of my energy and time. I do not even own my own computer for crying out loud! I currently have no source if income, and no job (I am looking). If you want to see this documentary complete please donate anything even 10 cents or $1, every bit helps, I need financial help. I will not be able to finish this documentary any time soon, maybe not even this year at this rate. Help me out this is not an annual $500,000 money run like Alex Jones. All my work and documentaries are FREE. Too much media/alternative media are not promoting enough of the solutions needed, yet they make profits even in the millions, what is the harm in asking for donations? I would love to keep making free documentaries.
Myles O'Howe
6273 Montrose Road
Niagara Falls, Ontario
L2H 1L7, Canada
I am able to accept cash or money order/cheque. Please wrap cash in something.
Total Donations: $0.00

Documentary on a variety of topics including, Antimatter Spacecraft Propulsion, Asteroid Mining, Cannabis/Hemp, Energy, Health, Organic Gardening, Solar, Space Colonization, Sustainability, Symbolism, UFO's, and more.

Current fuels/ethanols, oils, plastics, and most products are toxic to the environment and human health. Hemp products are non-toxic, stronger, longer lasting, and healthy. When food, fuels, plastics, fibre, medicine are grown locally energy consumption reduces. Oil consumption would be reduced through increased efficiency, therefore the problem of humans consuming more oil that is being produced would be solved.

Read Jack Herer's book for Free The Emperor Wears No Clothes
Royalty Free/Copyright free Music by Taylor Hayward
This video is legal under Fair Dealing/Fair Use for the purpose of research and private study.

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