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  • Uploaded by Myleso on Jul 20, 2011
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Topic is gone

Soon I won't have any place else to spread truth. I am banned from so many websites claiming to be for truth, all of which I was banned promoting my documentary. I am remaking the documentary and when I posted it on the forum topic was DELETED

Here is the evidence.

Really this is pathetic my topic was locked for no rational reason. I did not ask for donations in the topic only in the videos. Trolls have infiltrated this forum maybe? COINTEL techniques by the moderator! Unless it is just his ignorance.

The language used by the moderator is a dead giveaway.

If I get banned let this be a notice this site is disinfo. I am banned from MOST websites claiming to be for truth, THEY DONT WANT ME PRESENTING MY TRUTH.

WATCH MY video which the topic I posted the video in was CENSORED

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