Oxford has men of letters but they are Blind to sp

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Oxford is well known for men of letters Blind to spirit theologians as they used to be in Jerusalem -2. Today, I went to Blackfriars Oxford to listen to a lecture by Dr. Catherine Brown Tkacz, Research Associate at Bishop White Seminary at Gonzaga University, USA. She gave a talk on Virgin MARY and the immaculate conception of Jesus. After the talk, I asked her a simple question who were the Parents of Jesus? Her answer was normal; God and Mary and I told her that Mary wasn’t the Mother of Jesus but a Woman. Jesus always addressed her as a Woman and not the Mother. Then, I told them that Joseph was a Foster father and Mary was a Surrogate Mother. They laughed at my theology and the Seminar Organiser also said that I am having a strange theology. Then, there was another Brother sitting there told them that he has seen a painting in which Holy Spirit is holding tiny Jesus and she is ready to implant Jesus into the Womb of Mary. That is the same thing as Mary being the Surrogate Mother. But they are incapable of intuition and depend upon the Book knowledge what this man said and what that man said and what about you yourself, they have no say or are totally blind. This is true as Disciples do what they are told to do whilst the Workers exercise their skills in the Vineyard of our Father.

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