Next step O Evolution. How will you show YOUR ...

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Next step O Evolution. How will you show YOUR thanks? What means the most to you other than another you? That is the only worthy homege to reward for you will find somewhere in our work. We don't do this for a reward but no reward would be offensive if not offered. Plus if we have things of value than we can focus on finding the string of heavens tone that sparks your memory perfectly instead of working counterproductive jobs to live or spend our prescious time searching for money so we can eat. We use our spare little time left to keep trying to help you but we can't afford anything better than what you all are seeing right now and hearing. Quality costs money and thats a shame but I will keep doing these at least hoping that it's enough to show enough people where this sound could really go to and what it really offers. I know that if you knew what was going on or even remembered me at all that you wouldnt allow this to be happening to me so I will continue to free minds for as long as I can. I'm sure a lot of people would understand why it isnt easy for me to work in a regular place of business. I have a hard time fitting in at those places. MY SONGS IN YOUR MINDS IS OUR SHARED DESTINY. YOU MUST KNOW THIS SLIGHTLY ALREADY and that is because of all the work I have done with the collectives guiding energy......Only I could do that and you know it.....I am king....hear me and love all benathe the crown. Rejoice for the worthy have arrived to wake the family that slumbers......HEAVEN IS HERE. it's going to take some work for you all to understand and everything is ready for you so all you have to do is just ask. For the time in between until you choose to follow your heart, these songs will be a reminder of how easy it is for me to be real and know how strong I must really be to be able to carry this many for this long. I DO HAVE HELP and you could become what you are already meant to be . THE MASK IS OFF. BE WITNESS AND JOIN ALL IN CELEBRATION FOR ALL LANDS AND ALL WORLDS COMBINED.?

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