Man Claims Famous Belgian UFO Picture Is A Hoax

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The mystery of the famous UFO 90 years elucidated: "A hoax"

The photo went round the world and had been analyzed by specialists. Nobody was able to solve the mystery and Petit-Rechain's UFO became the symbol of the belgian UFO wave of the 90s. Eighteen years later the author unveils the mystery."

The photo had been around the world and was analyzed by the most eminent specialists. None had solved the mystery of the UFO and Breakfast Rechain became the emblem of the Belgian UFO wave of the 90s. Eighteen years later, the author unveils the cliché.

The end of 1989 and the 90's were marked by a mysterious UFO flap in Belgium. Appearances never understood. Emblem of the phenomenon: a picture of a triangular UFO with three lights, one in each corner, taken April 4, 1990 in Petit Rechain, near Verviers, by a Patrick, a young turner-fitter of 20 years. The slide will travel around the world, will be discussed by leading experts and up to the Belgian Royal Military Academy.

A panel frigolite

But the enigmatic image does not reveal his secret resolutely impervious to human reason. "The puzzled scientists: it is a material phenomenon and artificial, but what?", "The thing", "The mystery remains," "Something real, coherent, original," "A slide scanned at the scanner": this is what we can include in the press at the time, here's what Samuel Ledoux read this morning on the news clippings kept by Patrick at his home. But our reporter did not go in for Patrick read the newspapers of the time. Today, Patrick has found the explanation of one of the greatest mysteries in Belgium the last decade of the second millennium.

UFO enthusiasts, addicted to the Damned, lovers of the mystery will be disappointed: the UFO Breakfast Rechain is not a spaceship came from a distant galaxy, but a panel painted with frigolite three spots. A craft, directed and photographed a few hours in the evening, a joke, inspired by the wave of UFO born a few months earlier, which sought the comrades of the small business where Patrick worked. But now, the joke will leave the factory walls. "We did not think it would come out of the factory where they worked. It was much further then allowed to go," acknowledges the microphone of Samuel Patrick Ledoux.

Resistance to all analysis

The picture will soon become the symbol of the UFO wave of 90 years in Belgium. It intrigues the world, including experts from NASA. "Many people have worked on it," says Patrick, who thought that some day or other experts would eventually highlight the deception. "But they have discovered nothing," concludes Patrick proudly. Twenty years later, a false witness decided to reveal the truth. Why now? "We must say at one time or another," Patrick responds quietly apologized to all those who believed, however, saying that if it again, he referred. What conclusion he draws from this? "It happens to fool everyone with an animal model in frigolite".

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