How some people are Brain washed by the theologian

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How some people are Brain washed by the theologians who teach in Churches? How much the people could be brain washed?
You would be surprised how some people ignore everything that they see but on the instructions of their religious heads, they disbelieve what they themselves have seen? Christ Jesus performed many miracles near Jerusalem but the people of Jerusalem were asked by their Temple High Priest not to believe what they have seen and even asked them to call Jesus a Magician son of Satan. Lazarus' Resurrection, the greatest of all the Miracles, was performed in order to make people believe that He is a man of God that an honest to his heart Temple Rabbi Nicodemus believed but on the instructions of the Temple High Priest people were told not to believe and they did so in case he orders the Rabbis not to let them into the Synagogues as they did to the born-blind person for opposing the miracle that Jesus had performed and made him to see. Such was the process of brain-washing and the threat of the Temple Priests that deterred the general public to believe in Christ Jesus. Rabbis out of the jealousy were opposing Jesus with all their might and tricks so much so that seeing they could not believe and hearing, they could not hear. Thus, when Christ Jesus was in Jerusalem, the Centre of Theology as are the Oxford and Cambridge universities are, the people were reading Torah that Christ Jesus would come in the House of king David but they could not identify Jesus, the Christ on His performing Miracles and preaching Gospel that the village people enjoyed seeing and hearing. It was like I going to attend a lecture to be delivered by Prof. Smith and the person invited, Prof. Smith, is giving the lecture but I happened to ask a colleague whether Prof. Smith has arrived to give his lecture or someone else is delivering the lecture? Then, my colleague would say that the person giving the lecture is Prof. Smith and would ask me if I am blind? In the same way, Christ Jesus performed the Miracles but the people who saw the miracles were told by the authority that do not believe what you have seen, He is a magician son of Satan. Temple Priests would give the Dog a bad name and hang him. Such unbelieving people who seeing could not see were mentally brain-washed who were incapable of understanding His Word for they were drunk with the old wine of the letters. Such useless people are called stooges who have sold their conscience to the Temple Priests or Bishops and Popes as at present. No wonder if you ask a Church member if he has read Gospel of Thomas and the answer would be that our Priest or Bishop has told us not to read anything outside the Bible. Such people are useless and waste their chances of Salvation for they have turned deaf ears to Gospel. As soon as Christ Jesus spoke to the Samaritan Woman at well that He can give her the Living Water, She engaged Christ Jesus into very deep Discourse and Judged Him to be a Prophet. Christ Jesus was too pleased to disclose to her that He is the expected Messiah. Whereas to His Labourers and not Disciples, Christ Jesus had instructed not to tell anyone. Messiah or Christ in you is best known by what comes out of your own mouth. Messiah is a Title that is bestowed upon those who eat the Flesh of Jesus or Understand Gospel in spirit and Drink the Refreshing Blood of Christ or Preach Gospel, the Essence of Christ. So, we should not expect the theologians of the Books to deliver Gospel as they are mentally Brain-washed that the Gnostics are heretics and spiritually blind with the old wine of the letters of the Books incapable of understanding the metaphors or the hidden Gospel Treasures.

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