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A Natural Born Sovereign Autopsy

  • Smstudios
  • uploaded: Jul 28, 2011
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jsm: is it true, isnt it, i dunno you tell me. (does it matter, its the principal im focusing on right now) but i do know this. if this turns out to be a natural sovereign being and this has been supressed over the years, wether it be by other sovereigns, corporations, etc etc, then along with i, you might find a fair few injured parties seeking redress, for and on behalf of this being, aswell as the likes of me, who now reamin in the dark, as to just how much damage we have caused, if any at all that is...

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  • Sidewallfusion#

    Sidewallfusion July 30, 2011 10:16:59 PM CEST

    An interesting comparison between the two pieces of footage. It looks to me to be the same cadaver in both as you suggest. Interesting to note the 6 digit hands and feet. I think the cadaver is a clone, no obvious reproduction organ points to this. Whatever DNA was used to clone this is more than likely to come from a source where the 6 digit trait is predominant. Just my take thrown into the mix. Thanks for the work it is much appreciated. Of course the conclusion I come to is based on the videos used being genuine. If it isn't? Well then, no harm done.

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