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Naked Science - Documentary on Parallel Universes


  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u July 29, 2011 1:57:10 PM CEST

    When the guy with the black hear says, "I really believe this is how reality works", he makes the greatest mistake a scientist can make, namely "He believes". Believe has nothing to do with science. In science, you don%u2019t believe but "prove" something is right. I think that the idea of parallel universes is even not a theory but a hypothesis. It is in my view the most uneconomic theory of the universe ever invented by the human mind. It is in a way a theory that makes you doubt the reality you live in. It allows you to escape to other fictive reality's where indeed as they propose in this footage, the Nazi's won the war and 9/11 never happened. I suppose that the US government would love to think that in a other universe, there country isn't going bankrupt, but I fear that this is just a dream before waking up in the real reality. The theory of parallel universes and time travel can be dangerous, when popularised in this simplistic way, because they feed the growing subculture of mentalism, poisoning the minds of lots of young people, believing that reality is just a product of the mind. But why so much attention for this theory? Who would benefit from such a theory? This is what I think about it. If you would like to rewrite history, you could easily use this theory to claim that indeed any event in our past could be deleted from history and changed by another event that fits the new history. If people would ask, what has happened with the old history, one could easy argue that we have entered another parallel universe, where all the cruel things of our history never happened at all. Wouldn%u2019t that be the greatest disappearing trick ever? The only way to sell this newly adjusted history to the people would be to first make them believe that these parallel universes exist as reality's. Wouldn%u2019t that be the ultimate weapon for mind control? You think this cannot happen? Then read the books of Alan Wilson. He proved above any reasonable doubt that the Catholic church removed 2000 years of history of western civilization from 1600BC to 560AD. And they got away with it. We have to ask this important question. Are some powerful people and groups preparing the young generation to play this history altering card again??? You know, to start all over and to enable the powers to be, to cover the old lie, which is on the brink of being exposed, with a new even bigger lie? Think about this. THINK!! Stop believing in scientific theory's. Study them criticaly, and prove them right or wrong. But don't believe scientists. Believe in love, yes, believe in God if you wish, believe in yourself, but don't make a fool of you by believing scientific models. Study them...yes, make new models... yes, but don't let them fool you.

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