911 Guiliani Asked About The Second Explosions

911 Guiliani Asked About The Second Explosions That Brought The Towers Down 245 pm If there is one open-and-shut case it is the felony destruction of evidence by Rudy Giuliani. The shipment of 95% of the WTC steel was not only destruction of evidenc...

911 Guiliani Asked About The Second Explosions That Brought The Towers Down 245 pm

If there is one open-and-shut case it is the felony destruction of evidence by Rudy Giuliani. The shipment of 95% of the WTC steel was not only destruction of evidence, it was destruction of Exhibit A. Under the contracting authority of the City of New York, Guliani hired Metal Management Northeast of Newark, N.J., Hugo Neu Schnitzer East of Jersey City and Blandford Land Development Corporation of Brooklyn. Weeks Marine Inc. created two steel offloading areas at Pier 25 and Pier 6 in the last week of September to accelerate the shipment of the steel on barges to China to be melted. Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. was awarded a contract for $790,500 to deepen the Pier 6 site. Rudy was a federal prosecutor who knew absolutely and beyond the shadow of a doubt that the destruction of crime scene evidence is a felony. He cannot plead ignorance on this. In addition, many fire science experts, such as Professor Glen Corbett of City University of New York, were calling on Giuliani to halt the destruction of evidence as it was taking place, as were many survivors' families. In so big a hurry was Rudy to destroy evidence that he forced a showdown with firefighters who were searching for, and finding, remains of their fallen brothers and other victims, removing remains with dignity and respect. Rudy ordered them off the "pile" so a more rapid "scoop-and-dump" operation could proceed, culminating in a melee between firefighters and police in which 15 firefighters were arrested and 5 policemen injured. So important was it that no piece of evidence wind up in the wrong hands that Rudy had the removal trucks fitted with GPS devices at a cost of $1,000 apiece, to track them to shipping piers. It does not require one to be an Official Story skeptic to get behind the prosecution of Giuliani. Even those who accept the official story should want to know why buildings which were specifically designed to withstand multiple hits by jetliners as large as 767s collapsed. WTC architect John Skilling said that the buildings were meant to "handle the impact of a 707 traveling at 600 mph without collapsing." A fully-loaded 767 is nearly identical in weight and size to a fully-loaded 707. This has been standard design practice since a B-25 bomber lost in fog crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945. The structural steel would have eventually told the tale. We have military bases out west which are bigger than some states, and that steel should have been stored in aircraft hangars across the desert. Every second of what happened to those buildings on that awful day could have pieced together, eventually, by the world's best engineering and scientific minds. The evidence would have been guarded around the clock by American soldiers who knew they had a hallowed duty. But there is no evidence. Rudy "Ran Like a Coward" Giuliani, as the NYC firefighters called him, had it destroyed. The firefighters note that Rudy admitted to Peter Jennings that he had been told that the first tower was going to collapse, and to evacuate the area. This should be the subject of a grand jury investigation by itself. Who told Rudy the building was going to collapse? Who had this special knowledge, even after people in the South Tower were told to go back to their offices, costing many people their chance to escape? Why did not Rudy frantically try to communicate this information to the rescue workers and crews, even risking his life the way these heroes were risking theirs, instead of tucking tail and heading up Vessey Street with his gaggle of followers? The actual events of 911 may be over but they are still important. The cost to our Constitution, our civil liberties, and our blood and treasure are still mounting daily. We are involved in 2 major wars as a result of 911, which has so far cost every American family $30,000 to $40,000 in national debt. Executive claims of authority to violate basic Constitutional rights grow steadily, under the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Force. This includes Obama's claim of authority to assassinate American citizens anywhere they are found if they are merely accused of terrorism. The penalty for felony destruction of evidence in a capitol crime is 5-10 years in almost any state. Even if it went no farther than Giuliani, a prosecution would serve the purpose of putting future perpetrators on notice that these crimes carried a risk. You could be the next Rudy Giuliani. A criminal prosecution of Giuliani for destruction of evidence would help give closure to the survivors who were begging him to stop. That steel, with the blood and flesh of their loved ones on it, unceremoniously carted off to China to be melted in record time, might have been just trash to Rudy. But it wasn't to them. It was actually proof Guiliani himself was part of the destruction of the World Trade Center Complex, a key inside player. NIST "No WTC 7 Steel Was Recovered".

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