Space Voyage From Ummo (Rare) Must See 1976

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The Ummo "intelligences" come from "Star System Wolf 424.

The "Ummos", which apparently is the word for people from Ummo, told the "European researchers" that the universe is "at least a ten-dimension unity".

The Ummos said that in the "quiet areas of space", the mind is "especially open to pure, cosmic knowledge."

The Ummos learned our science could not "account" for their presence here, so they kept themselves secret to all but thirty people. You see, the Ummos find our knowledge "inferior to the cosmic understanding, which permits space voyages between the Ummo position in the universe, and the earth."

About Saturn, there's discussion about the Ummos surveying its moon Titan. "In the vicinity of Saturn, they tuned to the history and totality of the knowledge of the solar system, accumulated since the time the sun was born."

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