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This film is a call for tribal solidarity. It is an awareness of the nearing trauma of two lakh people who are going to be displaced from their habitat under the proposed Polavaram Dam Project on river Godavari in Andhra Pradesh, India. The project is estimated to submerge four hundred villages and four thousand hectres of forest in Dandakaranya.
Large-scale projects often created islands of development in the midst of under-development perpetuating regional imbalances. Development paradigms are found to be discriminatory against tribal communities and other marginalized sections. Tribals constitute one third of the total displaced population in India.
The Koyas and the Kondareddis could sustain their traditions for thousands of years. Will they be able to protect them now? They are definitely not in a mood to accept displacement under Polavaram project. They are aware that displacement from their habitat results in total alienation and pauperization.

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