Inheritance of Royal Kingdom of God is to the sons

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Inheritance of Royal Kingdom of God is to the sons and not to the slaves in Moses - 1. INHERITANCE TO THE SONS OF OUR FATHER GOD AND NOT TO THE SLAVES OF LORD.
Today, I went to a small Methodist Church in a village and a young Preacher without any Dog-Collar was reading Acts in which Christ Paul stressed about circumcision of heart that the dominating Jewish people wanted in flesh according to the Laws of Moses, or the Old Covenant. Now, Christ Paul stressed that our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus became the Lamb of God in order to get rid of the brick-built Temples of Moses called Synagogues and their Priests, the Rabbis, Pharisees and Sadducees who administered Moses Law under the demiurge god, Yahweh, a jealous and revengeful Lord god of the Nature and of the Natural man. In Jesus, we need to be Twice-born of spirit in order to worship God that is Spirit. So, in Jesus, God is our Father and not a Lord as Yahweh of the Jews. In the name of Yahweh, the Rabbis became Lord too and put a heavy Yoke of sins on the shoulder of their Disciples. In Jesus, we do not have Disciples but Labourers that work in the Vineyard of our Father where Christ Jesus is the True Vine planted by our Father, Who is the Gardener looking after our welfare. The aim of Christ Jesus was to train His Labourers so well that they become grafted to the True Vine, Christ Jesus. This Christ Jesus did by giving them training in Preaching Gospel, which is called Drinking the Blood of Christ, the Essence. Thus, after Christ Jesus had fed the Five thousands with the heavenly Bread and Fish that was far better than the Manna of Moses in the wilderness, then Christ Jesus started to Preach Gospel of the New Covenant that unless you eat the flesh of Jesus and Drink the Blood of Christ, you have no part in me. That is, in order to be compatible with the True Vine Christ Jesus, you need to become compatible with Him otherwise you cannot get grafted and fall off to be burnt as a waste of human life that is very hard to acquire and you are lucky to have it as the results of your past works or KARMA. I again explain the difference through a Table stressing that in Jesus, God is our Father in which you have the Freewill and INHERITANCE AS A SON. Under Lord Yahweh, we were Slaves not entitled to inheritance of our Father God. In Yahweh, the Rabbis were Rulers as expected of the Lord Yahweh and they kept the people alienated from our Father God. Jesus by becoming the Sacrficial Lamb of our Father, He set us Free of the Slavery of the Rabbis and their demiurge god Yahweh but the Messianic Jews brought the Jewish leaven back into the Churches of God, not only threw the Apostles out but killed them by throwing them before hungry lions or by burning at stakes for opening their mouths, etc. Marcion opposed this incursion of the Messianic Jews but as cruelty of the Jews surpassed the cruelty that Jesus suffered. This Christ Jesus stated in Matt.12.v43-45 that the arid veil spirited Temple Rabbis on entering the Church of God brought with them seven more evil spirits, the Church Elders, institutionalising the Church in line with the Destroyed Temple. Popes surpassed the Temple Chief Priests and it was recently that the people could air out their own views as I am doing. Many are brain-washed and you would be laughed at when you tell Brethren that addressing God or Jesus a Lord, you put them in the old covenant of slavery and that is why you have hireling Dog-collared Priests in Churches whereas through His Sacrifice Christ Jesus has made us Royal Priests or the Christs and not the Christians of the Books who vomit out what is written in the corrupted Bible compiled by the Messianic Jews. Gnostics are living Christs of living God that is our Father and we are proud to be the serving sons of our Father.

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