The Mysterious Missing Holohoax Ashes of Treblinka

The cremated remains of a 150 pound human body will weigh approximately 3 pounds. According Holohoax survivor testimony, supposedly, 850,000 Jews incarcerated at Treblinka were mass exterminated by the Nazis and then, afterward, were cremated and buried in mass graves at that camp.

850,000 people x 3 pounds of ashes per cremated person = 2,550,000 (1,133,981 kilograms) of human ash remains.2500

This video explains how a team of researchers did extensive ground-penetrating radar tests all over the site of the Nazi concentration camp at Treblinka, Poland, and found NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER of even ONE mass grave under the ground of the camp, which the Jewish "witnesses" claim exist there.

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