No Interfaith if you know we hae One Supreme God.

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No Interfaith if you know we hae One Supreme God. IF ONE GOD, THEN WHY INTERFAITH?
We all know that there is One Supreme God and He has many names in attributions. God is called Allah in Islam and it is from Al-Ilah meaning The Father and not the Lord. People have tribal fathers, lords, called Ilah that were worshipped at Kaba, the Temple of Adam but in this Dark Age, we worship Allah. Christ Jesus was the First Anointed Christ of our Father who came to proclaim the Royal Kingdom of God in which Mercy or Philanthropy as displayed by the Samaritan man is the Fruit. Rabbis had become cruel and hypocrites but soon after the deaths of Jesus, Stephen and St.James, the Just, Messianic Jews overtook the Church of God, brought forbidden Jewish Leaven, the Torah making people Drunk with the Old Wine of the Letters or Scriptures, the Milk that were not needed in Christ Jesus as we have the very Juicy Flesh of Jesus to chew or ponder over His Sayings. By pushing the Apostles out from the Churches, the Messianic Jews created situation described in Matt.12.v43-45, the Arid, Evil, spirit of Temple Priests dominated and made the situation worse than before the arrival of Jesus. Gentiles did not need Christ Jesus but Christ Paul turned them into staunch Preachers that the Messianic Jews killed by burning their Books and killing the Apostles or Monks by feeding them to hungry lions, burning, etc. The cruelty of the Jews led Hazrat Mohammed Sahib to organize an opposition and to organize Islam according to the Gentile village systems in which the Mullahs became the judges. Now, the Mullahs in the Middle East were far better than the Mullahs of India. So, when this Quran went to India, it was highly exploited resulting in the cruelties needing the Second Coming of Christ Jesus in the name of Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji, Who appeared in 1469. This Golden Temple is the Replacement of Jerusalem Temple. As Christ Jesus stressed to the Samaritan Woman at well that from now on you do not need to worship God in the brick-built temples made by human hands but in your very own Temple of God, in solitude, that is made by Nature and in Gospel Truth and holy spirit you do that. To shift us from the Brick-built Temples and to set us Free of the yokes of Rabbis into our solitary Temples of God, Christ Jesus became the Passover Lamb of God, our Father whose Royal Kingdom we inherit for Life; whereas the Slaves in Rabbis are not entitled to inherit this Royal Kingdom unless they become the sons of God. Slaves have Lords and those who call Jesus or God as Lord, they are blind hiked by the Satan back into the brick-built temples of organized religions that are causing sectarian riots. So, if you want to live in Peace, then you must inherit the Royal Kingdom of God open to the people of all nationalities, sexes, etc. Decision is Yours; make God your Father to inherit or Lord to be enslaved by the Dog-Collared Priests, the hirelings of the Mammon that cannot give your account to God.

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