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Hubble captures images what they are hiding

  • Yoshy
  • uploaded: Aug 4, 2011
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  • Codyhall#

    Codyhall August 5, 2011 1:03:47 AM CEST

    According to the people of the world. These ar pictures from the dark side of the moon,,Some of what is circled is suposedly Volcanos.

  • Codyhall#

    Codyhall August 5, 2011 1:01:47 AM CEST

    lol its funny how the simplest things make ppl mad..

  • Whizkid#

    Whizkid August 4, 2011 9:31:41 AM CEST

    OH MY GOD, THERE'S HUGE RED ARROWS ON THE MOON!!! How bout some audio telling us what we're supposedly seeing? Jackass.

  • Kuergun#

    Kuergun August 4, 2011 7:26:16 AM CEST

    yeah WTF are we suppose to see!!!

  • Photon#

    Photon August 4, 2011 2:25:08 AM CEST

    emmm what am i looking at :S

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