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COOL IT - response date 08-06-2011

  • Eriktv
  • uploaded: Aug 6, 2011
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  • Eriktv#

    Eriktv August 7, 2011 12:56:14 PM CEST

    Best movie yet in its class. Nature says IN LAK'ECHeconomics-|plural noun [often treated as sing. ]the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. the condition of a region or group as regards material prosperity : he is responsible for the island's modest economics.ORIGIN late 16th cent. (denoting the science of household management): from economic the plural suffix , originally on the pattern of Greek ta oikonomika (plural), the name of a treatise by Aristotle. Current senses date from the late 18th cent. Geo-Economics started Mid 2011 when a free spirited human first used that word in a video-talk about the movie COOL IT, called COOL IT - response date 08-06-2011. It is the control of weather and energy playfully set up to bring the new wealth to life called Abundance. (to own everything thrue possessing nothing) the upbeat to a new dimension that is awaiting us being pure love.

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