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Alex Jones: SEAL Team 6 Deaths Exposed!


Infowars is on the record reporting that members of Seal Team 6 died in the so called OBL raid. The government admits that a super secret helicopter did crash during the OBL raid but says no one died, our intel is different. We predicted that the spin doctors would stage a crash or when a real crash took place that they would say the SEALs died then. This is a old trick that governments all over the world have been caught pulling in the past. Some speculate that Obama had the team killed to cover up what really happened; however our intel does not point that way. The Pentagon may have blown the helicopter up on the ground on the night of the raid and we cover that in the above video. Lastly the globalist MSM is reporting that terrorist have taken credit but that is notoriously filled with disinfo, like in the Norway attack when a fake terrorist group took credit and the media ran with it.

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  • Capnmac#

    Capnmac August 8, 2011 3:04:26 PM CEST

    and what's as bad as being attacked in your own homeland (911)? The enemy killing our publicly declared heros. Nationalism up ten fold.

  • Pitbulterrorist#

    Pitbulterrorist August 7, 2011 12:26:45 PM CEST

    when the fisrt report that bin laden was killed by seals emerged, we all knew it was a lie. so we must then assume that everything else connected is also a lie. we never beleived any of it nor do we beleive the events surrounding this story. americas bullshit don't wash anymore

  • Ballance#

    Ballance August 7, 2011 6:38:43 AM CEST

    wow that is really bad news... all the "heroes" in one punch... this is sad so sad... my heart goes with the virtual "families" yea im just going to put the ribbon stamp "support"on the back of my hammer one moment... i was waiting for the intervues with the "warriors"... and now the debate is over...

  • Unitb166er#

    Unitb166er August 7, 2011 12:15:13 AM CEST

    Cleaning up the loose ends...I guess there will be no one left to PROVE whether Osama died in the compound or in 2001 from kidney Failure.PAY ATTENTION TOOLS OF THE NWOALL ASSETS ARE LIABILITIESTO THE ELITE

  • Crunchy#

    Crunchy August 6, 2011 11:23:07 PM CEST

    according to the official storythe crashed helicopter was intentionally blown up to distroy the stealth hardware onboard. reguardless of whether this is true or not jones never mentions this in his "cough" news reportand just runs with the pakistani version .... hmmm thats jornalism huh ?

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