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Willease's Space Anomalies


  • Speculationboy#

    Speculationboy September 6, 2011 11:57:41 PM CEST

    Umm What's so anomalous about space junk?

  • Speculationboy#

    Speculationboy September 6, 2011 11:57:30 PM CEST

    Umm What's so anomalous about space junk?

  • Wildearp#

    Wildearp August 9, 2011 2:02:27 AM CEST

    body I was poking around on http://www.sky-map.org I remembered a researcher mentioning the "VIRGO" constillation & "NIBIRU" might beflying through there. I found something, in two types of photos. I found a"blacked out" portion of the sky in the "INFRARED" view of VIRGO. I also found the same object that is not blacked out in the "ASTRO PHOTO SURVEY" view of VIRGO,it's very hard to find, but it's there if you zoom in.Go to the web site listed above and choose the "DSS" button click "IRAS" infrared view of the sky.Type VIRGO in the search box. Zoom away to get a wider view. There's a "blacked out" portion of the sky, center the black box on your screen and zoom in.The person who blacked it out didn't do very well. You can still see objects inside the blacked out portin of the sky. Something in the middle is huge. I checked all of the different types of views in the DSS drop down button, I found the same object one more time in the "ASTRO PHOTO SURVEY" pictures. I noted their postions below. They match almost perfectly.To work the Coordinance, just move the mouse over the picture, the numbers are in the upper right hand corner.INFRARED "IRAS" VIEW Coordinance (13h 48m 17.79s, -08* 35' 12.3")ASTRO PHOTO SURVEY VIEW Coordinance (13h 49m 36.92s, -09* 18' 44.4") What the heck is it?Nibiru?Thanks so much,wild earp

  • Ufosarus#

    Ufosarus August 8, 2011 2:04:06 AM CEST

    great stuff will keep em coming.

  • Auslight#

    Auslight August 8, 2011 1:47:44 AM CEST

    should be called film anomalies

  • Freeyourmindnow#

    Freeyourmindnow August 7, 2011 11:52:11 AM CEST

    very cool

  • Slamgunshark#

    Slamgunshark August 7, 2011 8:36:23 AM CEST


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