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History Channel: Moon Is Hollow confirmed by NASA


  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u August 8, 2011 3:53:17 PM CEST

    The hollow moon and earth theory for that matter is really designed for people with a hollow brain. Still, people are free to believe what they think. It is a theory that has much in common with the Christian idea that the hell was believed to be located in the center of the earth. And in the day's that people believed that, nobody would dear to doubt that because nobody would like to go to hell you know. What worries me is that this theory of hollow earth and moon is not going away. It are not devils anymore, living inside of the moon. No, no, it are aliens you know, very probably kind of reptilians with a tail. Beside some minor differences, you could say they look remarkably like pictures of the devil. Their supposed habits, like eating humans fits perfect the image of the devil and evil in general. It is clear that some people want to revive the good old days of superstition. The question is who and why? The theory would fit perfectly in a kind of religion, where aliens instead of God created and rule the world, no? Is there a religion in the making to make people believe just that? Still, the moon will have very probably underground cavity%u2019s. You find them also on earth and mars, and I guess on any other planet. Some craters on the moon are indeed remarkably deep. They look more like shafts and some even release gases. There definitely happens a lot inside the moons of our solar system, waiting to be discovered. But don%u2019t expect that Hollywood movies will be a good guide to discover real science. They are indeed %u2018Hollow%u2019 wood productions. Maybe Hollywood has discovered a new branch of science, fantascience. First you design a theory, and then you look to reality to see if you can fit it somehow. If the theory doesn%u2019t fit, you change reality. Fantascience movies can help to sell the product.

  • Ktm640#

    Ktm640 August 8, 2011 12:40:12 AM CEST

    bottomless craters, bull-plop. This is crap.

  • Qaplah#

    Qaplah August 7, 2011 9:36:37 PM CEST

    Agreed. However, if the moon is hollow, it can never have caused the tidal effects on the earth because of the lack of mass. One star for the trouble.

  • Heretikos#

    Heretikos August 7, 2011 2:49:38 PM CEST

    Wow. You took a part of ancient aliens. Douche. I still gave the 5 stars. But you get a thumbs down for trying to make this sound more official.

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